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Contribution to sustainability

A healthy environment means a great deal to us. The coming generations should be able to grow up in an intact and rich natural environment. Thus, we gladly contribute to a sustainable, social and fair economy. We implement standards that protect humankind and the environment in a responsible way.


• Recyclable raw materials

• Swiss hydropower

• Co² reduction

• FSC® certified products

• Short transport routes

FSC® certified products

All Stewo products are FSC® certified. The label awarded by Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® promotes an environmentally friendly, socially acceptable, and economically sustainable forest management – for the benefit of today’s and our future generations.


FSC® achieves its goal, the responsible use of our global forest resources, by establishing and reviewing environmental and social standards in forest management on the one hand, and by considering recycling materials on the other.


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CO2 reduction

The goal of climate protection is to counteract human-made global warming and to limit its consequences. Holistic climate protection relies on the avoidance or reduction of greenhouse gases.


Since 2003, we have been working with the Federal Environment Office and thanks to targeted investments, we have managed to continuously reduce our CO2 emissions.


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